Mother’s Day is not about blenders

MOTHER [muh-th-er] (n.) One person who does the work of twenty. For free. (see also masochist, loony, saint) In a couple of weeks Mother’s Day is coming up and wherever you go you get bombarded with advertisements. One of the

Wardrobe Detox

I don’t know about you, but the fact that the days are getting longer and I can hear the birds chirping are all sure signs that spring is finally here – even if we still have the occasionally snow flurry

Love or Stuff – which one do you choose?

February is a great month to focus on the relationships in our life. Whether you go for a stroll through town or listen to the radio, everyone is talking about Valentine’s Day and how one can surprise their loved ones

New Year, New Habits

Like most people I get excited about New Year’s resolutions. Finally a fresh start! A new beginning! A New Year means we can try again to eat the right foods, exercise, spend less, and get organized! For me, exercise is

Through the garden gate … into another world

This past weekend I went on a self-guided tour through Toronto’s Forest Hill neighbourhood and the gardens of South Hill (ticket was purchased at The weather was perfect – not too cold, not too hot. Even though I walked

Keep Only What You Love

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo da Vinci “I haven’t got a thing to wear!” Does that sound familiar? We stand in front of our closets looking for something pretty only to revert back to our “uniform” – the

It’s nice to receive gifts, but …

Last week we had a massive snow fall in Toronto and since there was absolutely no way to even attempt to leave the house, I decided I had no excuse and looked at some long forgotten “treasures” that were hiding

Are you satisfied with your kitchen?

One of the most common remodeling projects undertaken by Canadian homeowners is the kitchen. But what do we really want in a kitchen? North Americans, of course, need LOTS of storage. We want a big enough pantry to store all

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What to do about worn-out, shabby clothes?

If you have old towels and sheets or any shabby clothing for that matter, why not consider donating them to the Salvation Army. Their thrift stores generate a lot of money for shelters and social programs and at the same

Fall Community Clothing and Costume Swap

Is your closet filled with items that don’t fit you anymore? This is the place to go to donate and maybe even find something new for yourself or your kids. This year Evergreen Brickworks has included costumes as well! So