Love or Stuff – which one do you choose?

HeartsOnWoodFebruary is a great month to focus on the relationships in our life. Whether you go for a stroll through town or listen to the radio, everyone is talking about Valentine’s Day and how one can surprise their loved ones with a gift.

However, when it comes to our homes, do we respect and honour the other person’s space? Let’s think about that for a second.

Picture your bedroom for a moment. Most people would like this room to be a place for relaxation and romance. Does your bedroom represent that, or is it more a dumping ground for dirty clothes, laundry that needs folding, gym bags, yoga mats, paper you bring home from work, used coffee mugs, computer, TV, exercise machines, toys … I could go on for a while.

Here are my suggestions:

  • Look at your OWN STUFF first and eliminate things you don’t need or don’t have the space for
  • Put clothes that need to be hung on a hanger and fold sweaters and T-Shirts neatly
  • Leave enough space for your partner to hang and fold his/her clothes (This is a big one. In most cases one person has more clothes that the other, however, that doesn’t mean that the other person has to live out of boxes or has to move their items into another room. That’s a deal breaker!
  • Move your computer and TV out of the bedroom, if possible.
  • Move your treadmill (are you actually using it?) into another room
  • Move your paperwork into an area outside the bedroom
  • Clean your room (now that it’s empty it will be easy and fast)

Now that you have room to breathe, add a couple of items that make the room really special.

Remember that you have the space you have and you have to work within the limits of that space. We all love nice things, but in the end they are just things.

Feet In Bed

Love or Stuff?
‐ Which one is it for you?

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