New Year, New Habits

Resolutions Green Road SignLike most people I get excited about New Year’s resolutions. Finally a fresh start! A new beginning! A New Year means we can try again to eat the right foods, exercise, spend less, and get organized!

For me, exercise is on the list every single year. I know I “should” exercise more but the mere thought of going to a gym (and I have tried many different gyms, believe me!) is just not exciting for me. I don’t like being in one. Period. So, after trying year after year without any success to convince myself to join a gym, this year I’m trying a different approach. I have decided to exercise my way. I love dancing, so I joined a dance class that happens once a week. I’ll go to the yoga studio once or twice a week. On the other days I will do different things – walk my dog, garden (in the summer), walk with a friend – things I enjoy.

dreamstime_m_30413082For organizing it’s the same thing. Take it easy, so you don’t get frustrated or overwhelmed. If one of your goals is to organize the bills and get a grip on the money, start with the current year and month and work your way backwards little by little. It’s important to do it in that order, so you see success right away. Start with the most important folders (whatever that might be for you) and add on over time. If you like an alphabetical system, do it that way, if you want different subjects in different colours, that’s the way you should do that. There are many different ways you can organize your files. The only thing that matters is that you start! Find a system you like and, most importantly, USE. If you create something that you end up not liking, change it.

dreamstime_m_31471350The second step after starting a filing system is putting your current bills/statements/receipts in it. You will realize that you need more folders than you had anticipated, but that’s okay – you can always add on. Collect all the paperwork that needs filing in one spot (could be a basket/tray/bowl) and at the end of the week put everything in its respective folder.

One thing I want you to do every day is OPEN your mail. It’s a must! Recycle any advertising right away (that includes amazing coupons you will never use – trust me!) and also all the envelopes that your mail came in. Now you’re down to half already. As for the rest, you put it in a nice basket (where the mail lives from now on) and you will deal with at the end of the week. When the end of the week arrives (oh no!) take that pile and go through it. A lot of the stuff will be just filing, but there also might be a few bills that are not on pre-authorized payment that need to be paid. Check everything carefully and make a note for yourself so you won’t forget it.

In the beginning it will feel like a lot of work but give yourself time. It will get easier as you go along. It’s all part of taking control of your life and that’s what I wish for you this coming year!


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  1. Fantastic idea – I’m going to do this! I’ve been looking for a method and just haven’t been able to put one together. Opening the envelopes straight away, and putting all the paperwork/bills/etc. all in one basket (instead of everywhere!) and then getting to it every Friday! Done!

    Thank you Uli!

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