Uli Philps - Neat4Ever Professional Organizing Toronto

Uli Philps

Whether I’m organizing a single room or a whole house, you will see big changes. Since starting Neat4Ever nine years ago, I have worked with people of all age groups, culling, sorting, discarding, and integrating their belongings and inspiring them to action.

Sorting and arranging has always been second nature to me, even as a child growing up in Germany. My grandmother’s first husband used to be a tailor and there were lots of buttons in the house that I loved to sort and organize. As we live in much smaller houses in Europe, the thought of everything being in its place and having a home was second nature to me. That also means being very careful of the things you are bringing home.

In my corporate career in Germany, I organized projects, exhibitions and trade fairs and would have probably continued this line of work for a long time had I not met my future husband who happened to be Canadian. I realized it was time for a big change. I decided to move to Canada to get married and start a family.

Years later after frequently helping out at my daughter’s schooI I helped a friend organize her home for sale and prepare for a move. This was the start of my organizing business and I have never looked back.

Regardless of how large or small a space, I can see past the clutter and guide you to a neater, more functional result. Years of experience taught me how to ask the right questions that get to the heart of why we hang on to our stuff. I’ll urge you to give it a try. It’s so worth it.

I am a Silver Leaf Member of the Professional Organizers in Canada, and adhere to their Code of Conduct and Ethics.