I have used Neat 4 Ever four times! ULI IS AMAZING! She helped me purge and organize for a move from our family home of 18 years! She helped me organize the new home we moved into so everything was perfectly situated and placed without clutter. As well, Uli helped me purge and organize our two office buildings in downtown Toronto. Uli is an organizing angel sent from heaven! She is professional, very kind, incredibly hard-working, and super efficient. If you are overwhelmed or don’t know how to start with a section of your home, or office, I highly recommend hiring Uli to help you out! Getting “the junk” out, and having an organized space is liberating! Plus, Uli will make it an enjoyable experience!

– Jeffron, Toronto

I have just had the opportunity to work with Uli at Neat4Ever. I am downsizing and was overwhelmed with the boxes of my daughter’s childhood “stuff”; clothes from cupboards that I never really opened and cartons of old paperwork.

Working with Uli was a great experience. She is a kind and diligent professional, who knows how to keep the job moving. I am capable of decluttering on my own. I could whittle away at it a few hours here and there, but I know that it would take me so long to get the job done. Hiring Uli kept me on task. The job was completed far quicker than I could have imagined. The feeling of accomplishing this task was amazing.

I highly recommend Uli for any of your decluttering needs.

Thanks Uli

– Maureen Ofield, King City

I reached out to Neat4Ever to help me with a growing mess in the storage area of our basement. Uli was professional, supportive and efficient. I was very happy with the progress we made. My storage room is organized and labelled.

Thanks Uli

– Linda, Toronto

We have been in our home for 7 years. I am a self-professed procrastinator when it comes to going through my own items to purge or organize. I spend much of my time organizing my family and by the time I get to “extra” work or things to be done in the house I lack motivation. I thought I could do it but finally came to the realization it is not one of my strengths to do this on my own.

I contacted Uli and immediately felt confident we could tackle my basement together. She arrived and although I had felt like I wasn’t going to be successful she immediately went to work focusing my attention and letting me know how we were going to tackle my job. As we went through things, some more personal than others, she was both sympathetic and practical in her advice.

I have a hard time throwing things out either for sentimental reasons or that they cost money but with Uli’s help we donated several car loads of great items to schools and communities; we organized the items that were staying in a meaningful way that is easy to find and put back for my kids. It felt amazing to contribute to others less fortunate while gaining space and order in my home.

I absolutely could not have done it without her and I look forward to her returning and helping me with our next project…my OFFICE!!!

Thanks Uli.

– Laura, Toronto

Why I wholeheartedly recommend Uli Philps and her company neat4ever for all your organizing needs:

After my wife passed away, I was overwhelmed with the task that lay ahead of me, throwing out what I didn’t need (we had accumulated an incredible amount of stuff) and cutting down on my risk management advisory business records and personal effects, so I was in a position to relocate. From the day I spoke to Uli, and then when she came to the house, I felt I was in capable hands. She managed to find the right balance between empathetic understanding and stern direction, such that we together managed to rid the house of all the stuff that needed to be sold or thrown out, and hold on to what would stay with me. Uli is as much a psychologist as an organizer … I have already recommended her to a friend, who also has benefited greatly from her services.

– Russ, Mississauga (formerly of Richmond Hill)

Uli was very straightforward, usually just asking gently, “do you need this?” or “how often do you use this?”. Hers was just the approach I needed to part with bags of things that were just taking up space. We also saved 10% off her services with the LiveGreen card which she honoured even though I had yet to receive the physical card. Uli was a total pleasure to work with and so efficient and nice. My only regret is that I didn’t contact her sooner.

I wholeheartedly would recommend her to anyone trying to organize their home or office space.

– Elena

I was thoroughly satisfied with the service by Uli. She was professional, providing great guidance in helping me de-clutter my place. She was tough about getting me to part with unwanted items. My place not only looks better but with her help I was given motivation to keep the problem areas de-cluttered in the future.

– Khaled

Uli, Thanks very much for doing such a great job! You were a huge help. We really appreciated all that you did to get us organized in our new home. In fact, we have already referred you to a friend of ours.

– Christina

Uli’s firm but cheerful approach helps me to look at the items in my storage unit with fresh eyes. It’s well known that storage units can be fairly expensive, so if there isn’t room for something and you really don’t need it, isn’t it time to say “bye-bye” to it? I am surprised at how easy this process can be with Uli guiding me through decisions about what to keep, what to donate and what to discard. She presents ideas in a practical way and is fun to work with at the same time.

At the end of each session she removes the unnecessary items and donates or disposes of them – no hassle for me.

It’s been great to have such a sense of things “lightening up” and as a result, saving money.

I would highly recommend Uli’s services to help you reach your goals.

– Marlene

We just recently moved into our new house and I wanted to unpack a bit before I commented on all of the help you provided us.I wanted to be able to evaluate the entire process in helping us from the first day we decided to list our house for sale right until moving into our new place. You did so much:

– Reducing our clutter by selling and donating toys, book, kitchenware and even clothes

– Reducing our clutter by selling and donating furniture with the aim of having an empty house

– Packing items, especially our kitchen and precious china

With our family living across town, you helped us be accessible to folks who needed access to the house. We are thankful for your patience through the countless hours you spent waiting for clients to purchase our furniture and sometimes enduring the no-shows too! You helped us so much in our time of need, even obtaining Larry’s help when required. You were so open to helping us with any request especially while maintaining your lovely smile!

I also wanted to mention how much we think of you while we are unpacking our precious cargo. We think of the care you put into packing our items to ensure they were safe for their destination.

We can’t thank you enough for all you have done.


– Neena Ranadive

Uli was a pleasure to deal with. She was quick to return my inquiry and came out to access my needs at a time convenient for me. She was able to give me a very accurate quote and we arranged a time for her to organize my garage. The work was done very well, professional and personal at the same time and I am delighted with the outcome. She did all she said she would and more and I think if you need someone to help you organize any area of your home you will be very pleased with her services and the outcome.

– Marianne

I have hired Uli of Neat4Ever twice now and both times I feel she sets me up to be way more organized and clutter-free. After working with her, I feel less stressed and more motivated to keep things as clean as ever. I love knowing she’s just a call or email away to de-clutter my life! I will continue to use her service when things have gotten crazy again!

Thanks Uli!
– Michelle

I recently moved from a large detached brownstone home to a cozy 2 bedroom 2 bathroom condo. Not only was this a major downsizing, it was also a very big emotional event. I also felt overwhelmed with the magnitude of the task and did not know where to start.

Uli Philps, a professional organizer and owner of Neat4Ever, was recommended to me by one of my real estate agents. Uli is an organizer par excellence. Her skills at decluttering, and packing up the house were so helpful. She also had my apartment totally organized in only 6 hours. She cleared out the boxes, and stuff that I didn’t need, and donated or recycled everything that she could.

The most important service she provided was to de-stress me. She was patient, respectful and reassuring. She made the move as seamless as possible.

I would highly recommend Uli to anyone who wants to have the easiest experience possible. Money well spent!
– Tema

Thank you Uli for your outstanding job in reorganizing my basement space! … I was absolutely blown away by the result! Thanks to your expertise and help, You have given us back a third of our living space, It’s priceless!

It was a real pleasure working with you! Very much appreciated your professionalism and integrity: No “BS”, to-the point/result driven attitude … and great attention to your customers’ expectations/wants/needs! Thanks a million! looking forward to our next project this coming spring.
– Samira

What a Relief! Working with Uli has given me a clutter free space, that I now enjoy spending time in. Thank you.

– Tamara

Hiring Uli was money well spent. My daughter has been given the tools to create and maintain a clutter free environment, which will allow her to focus on more important things in life. It is like a weight lifted off our shoulders.
– Vanessa

I recently received a testimonial from a client Uli worked with me on and she included Uli in her testimonial. Here is the excerpt:

“Probably my favourite part about Jeannette’s visits, was when she visited with another Professional Organizer “Job Shadower” Uli. With two people clearing and organizing sections of my home, twice as much work was completed — the results were fantastic, and certainly my partner cheered the look of the home after each visit from Jeannette and Uli. – Zoe C. Toronto

Thank you Uli for all your enthusiasm and help, you are wonderful to work alongside.
– Jeanette Hay, Chair, Toronto Professional Organizers in Canada, Toronto Chapter

Having Neat4Ever organize my business space was a life-saver. Being a busy entrepreneur, I am always on the go and papers tend to pile up quickly. For years I have been struggling with being unable to find what I need, when I need it. Uli was extremely professional and efficient in helping me create a business space that is enjoyable and easy to function. Now I can focus on serving my clients best.
– Daniela Aradanov, Business Owner

Dear Uli, I just wanted you to know what a great job you did for my clients. You are a gifted organizer with a real talent in making space where there was none. I will look forward to working with you again in the near future.
– Karen Millar, Royal LePage Real Estate Broker

Uli is a very creative and dedicated professional. She organized my space in such a way that I don’t have to waste time searching for items anymore as everything has its place now. I can finally concentrate on my business. What a lifesaver! I would not hesitate recommending Uli’s services to anyone in need of professional organizing.
– Florence