Is Tiny House Living for you?

As house prices rise astronomically, people are asking themselves whether “bigger is really better” and whether they could live with less. While there are a lot of advantages for living with less, living in a tiny house is a complete change of lifestyle.

Tiny house living means you will have to part with many of your possessions.  Bulk grocery shopping is over as there is just no place to store it all. You live in cramped quarters and can’t “escape” to a different room. Bad weather? It’s more noticeable in a small house. 30 pairs of shoes? Not likely.

But moving to a tiny house also means being closer to nature, you can live more sustainably, there are fewer bills to pay. Cutting back on housing expenses enables you to travel more, save for retirement or even work less. Also, a huge plus in a tiny house is that there is little maintenance (less to clean, less to repair) meaning you can spend more time on hobbies and relationships.

In tiny houses it is critical to use creative storage wherever you can. Use available space under seating, under stairs, under your bed as well as cavities in the ceiling and, if the house is on wheels, over the wheel well. You will need to use every nook and cranny. Also, you should invest in kitchen utensils that do double duty, or fold, so they can be stored in very small places. Nowadays, there is quite a bit to choose from – there are foldable dish racks, salad spinners and even tea kettles, LED lamps and Bluetooth speakers. Also, look for items that do double-duty like a colander and steamer in one. Just pick wisely and get only what you really need.

Even though living in a tiny house many advantages, it clearly is not for everyone. If you are attached to your belongings and like to spread out this is not for you. The bigger the family, the harder it will be. If you have multiple pets, ask yourself whether they will all get along in such a small space. Lots to consider.

If you are intrigued and like to find out more about it, why not rent a tiny house for a couple of months (preferably in cold weather) and see whether you like it.

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