Wardrobe Detox

Woman In ClosetI don’t know about you, but the fact that the days are getting longer and I can hear the birds chirping are all sure signs that spring is finally here – even if we still have the occasionally snow flurry in Toronto.

As my least favourite season is on its last legs, I spring into action to prepare for the new season, and one of the things that’s on top of my list is going through my closet.

I hear you sighing already, but don’t you want to make room for new things you are going to buy soon? Now I have your attention! Right?

Set some time aside, invite a good friend or call an organizer and start tackling it. The reason you want someone with you is that you’ll get another opinion and you will let go of more things. Remember, the goal is to make room. Keep some snacks and wine handy (you’ll probably need it!) Here are the steps:

  • Work with someone you can trust.
  • Try on every single piece of clothing!
  • Donate everything that is stained, ripped or doesn’t fit you.
  • Donate clothes that are too big or too small for you. Only keep clothes in your current size. If you do lose weight, reward yourself and go shopping for something new.
  • Eliminate too much of the same thing. You don’t need 10 pairs of black pants or, like a friend of mine, 35 pairs of jeans.
  • If you are in your 50s and you encounter clothes from high school, don’t bother trying them on. This is an easy one. They go straight into the donate pile.
  • This also applies to everything that is NOT age-appropriate. Message T’s and cartoon characters are cute for 20-year olds but not so much for people over 40. This is also why you need the helper.
  • Make sure you create enough space in your closet to move the hangers around and fold everything that needs folding.
  • Repeat with shoes
So Good

Feel good about donating to someone in need and be proud of what you have accomplished.

Food for Thought
Each year more than 350 million pairs of shoes end up in landfills according to the charity Shoes for the Cure and 22.3 billion pounds of textiles, including clothing, were thrown out in 2010 in the US alone!  Create change – it all starts with you.

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