How long does it take to get rid of 50 things?

chaos-485491_640Every day is as good as the next if you are planning to let go of stuff, however, the holidays are fast approaching and, if you are like most people, you want your place to look great when company comes over, so …. Why don’t you get a head start and over the next few weeks get rid of some things you never use even though they clutter up your space?

Here is an example of 50 items that many people have in their homes which they don’t need.

Put on some fun music, open a bottle of wine and have fun purging!

  1. Wire hangers
  2. Old paint (Hazardous waste depot)
  3. Magazines
  4. Books you won’t read again
  5. Empty liquor bottles (beer store)
  6. Old blankets and bed sheets (animal shelter)
  7. Clothes you don’t look amazing in or can’t wear anymore
  8. An abundance of Halloween decorations (use real pumpkins instead and carve scary faces – great project and afterwards put them in your garden to naturally compost into fertilizer – no storage needed)
  9. Tons of holiday decorations (keep it simple)
  10. Wrapping paper you won’t use anymore
  11. Games with missing pieces
  12. Empty cardboard appliance or computer boxes
  13. Chargers for old phones or computers you don’t own anymore (special recycling)
  14. Art projects that were never finished
  15. Expired pantry and freezer items
  16. Socks that don’t have matches (why are they so many??)
  17. Stained or ripped clothes
  18. Extra buttons unless you sew
  19. Avocado slicers (nobody needs those)
  20. Movies you will never watch again
  21. Mugs with the logo of your previous employer
  22. Dog toys that were bought with the best of intentions but your dog couldn’t care less about (animal shelter)
  23. Expired medication and vitamins (return to pharmacy)
  24. Phone books (does anybody look a number up in a phone book any more?)
  25. Exotic spices that you bought for one particular dish but never used again
  26. Self-help books that didn’t help you
  27. Video cassettes
  28. Gifts that you never liked
  29. Exercise equipment that is collecting dust and – be honest – will never be used
  30. High-heel shoes that were such a good deal but are sooo uncomfortable
  31. Coupons that have expired
  32. Broken anything
  33. Loyalty cards (check carefully what the companies have to offer in their loyalty program and whether it makes sense to keep the cards)
  34. Old prescription glasses (Donate)
  35. Pens that don’t write anymore
  36. Expired cosmetics
  37. Bras that no longer do what they are supposed to (I’m afraid that’s garbage)
  38. chaos-485493_640Flashlights that don’t work well
  39. Product samples that are collecting dust
  40. Plastic bags (please recycle and then buy cloth bags!)
  41. Hats that you should never have bought
  42. Plastic cutlery (you don’t live in an airplane)
  43. Earrings without matches
  44. Old travel guides
  45. Expired coupons
  46. Broken necklaces that won’t get fixed
  47. Wine you don’t like
  48. Dried out plants
  49. Floppy disks
  50. Dried flowers

Repeat with family and friends!

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